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MILLENNIUM series ovens

MILLENNIUM 2000 CT2 Countertop

The CT2 is a fantastic little piece, 30″x30″ footprint this is the go anywhere brick oven. Intended for operations looking to add brick oven foods to their menu without sacrificing much space. The CT2 is absolutely cool to the touch thanks to it unique cabinet design.

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This midsize beast is no slouch, the Vx5xl has an excellent pizza capacity with only a 42″ diameter footprint! Like the LS7, the Vx5xl consumes about as much gas as a standard stove-top eye…thats impressive.

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Our flagship oven fusing the ambiance of a wood burning oven, the simplistic operation of a conveyor oven and unique technology without an equal. It’s patented cooking method & design are unmatched in the industry today. Fast heat-up, super efficient and extremely versatile.

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MILLENNIUM 2000 GR-e Grill

Ahh yes, the MILLENNIUM 2000 GR-E, this is new concept. We envision a new movement in pizza…grilled pizza! If you’ve never tried a grilled pizza, its delicious. Crispy, flame kissed crust and bubbling toppings Mmmmm, so good!

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MILLENNIUM 2000 Daytona

This is it! The MILLENNIUM 2000 Daytona series ovens boast a panoramic operating window and completely cylindrical design, the Daytona is sure to impress! Fired with strictly gas infrared power we have achieved a new “low” in gas consumption…a mere 35K BTU’s per/Hr.!!

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