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The MILLENNIUM 2000 GR-e Infrared Grill

We just couldn’t resist…a pizza GRILL! This is one slick oven, sporting a patent pending pizza grill plate with interchangeable grill patterns and designs. Grilling it ALL, whether it be pizza, steak, pork, chicken breast or classic kabobs, the new GR-e will get the job done and of course in REMCO style…FAST, efficient and delicious. The GR-E consumes only 30K BTU’s! and needs no hood system. Six removable drip trays fit into most standard dishwashers allowing for quick clean up. Borrowing construction methods from the LS7, the GR-e door stays cool for your employees safety.

This is a new generation of cooking, the GR-e allows you to grill and bake a plethora of products. Fully infra-red powered, the GR-e is also very economical to operate. There isn’t another carousel grill available, this is going to change the game! The GR-e can offer you:

  • Extremely low BTU consumption, using only 40k on start-up and an average of 35k throughout the day.
  • A unique cooking method that may attract new and existing clientele to visit your establishment more frequently
  • No hood necessary, the MILLENNIUM series ovens employ a built-in ventilation system and must simply be vented. The GR-e will also include a pre-installed fire suppression system for added safety
  • The GR-e’s flame kissed products will set your menu aport from your competition

The unique design of the grill base gives you the flexibility of customizing your pattern or “grill marks” to your operation. Imagine a NY strip steak cooked to perfection served to your customers with your logo branded perfectly on your product.  Please have a look at the pictures on the GALLERY tab.

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Download some further info on the MILLENNIUM 2000 GR-e. Architects, download the latest ACAD blocks for your projects.

Spec Sheets

ACAD Blocks

**Please consult your local codes.