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MILLENNIUM 2000 CT2 Countertop

The MILLENNIUM 2000 CT2 Countertop

Introducing the MILLENNIUM 2000 CT2, the LS7’s kid brother. He may be small, but he’ll still bake a pizza in about a minute! This is the oven for any operator who wants to add fresh Brick oven foods to their menu but doesn’t have the room for a pizza oven. Just imagine managing an entire QSR around one oven. Weighing in at approximately 270Lbs, the CT2 is ideal for mobile applications. With a 15 inch opening it will accommodate a large pizza (14 inches) on its 22 inch NSF cooking stone and will allow you to display and cook a variety of foods simultaneously.

The CT2 also incorporates Remco’s TurboPulse® cooking system which allows the oven to operate in stand-by mode for energy savings, simply press the cook button and the oven is at cooking temp in a matter of seconds! In turn, saving the end-user energy and money! Some of the benefits of our CT2 include:

  • Extremely low BTU consumption, using only 32k on start-up and an average of 22k throughout the day.
  • Blazing fast cook times, 90 second pizza and most products cook 3 to 4 times faster than conventional methods.
  • No hood necessary, the MILLENNIUM series ovens employ a built-in ventilation system and must simply be vented.
  • Cool to the touch outer cabinet, 4 standard colors are available, custom colors are also available.

Meet your new employee, always works hard, never sasys no and always performs 100%.  Please have a look at the pictures on the GALLERY tab.

Download some further info on the MILLENNIUM 2000 CT2. Architects, download the latest ACAD blocks for your projects.

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*Products other than dough must be cooked in an
appropriate vessel. **Please consult your local codes.