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Renaissance Rotisseries

The Remco Renaissance Rotisseries

Ahh…Nothing says chicken like Rotisserie chicken; and nothing says Rotisserie chicken like Remco. We’ve been manufacturing rotisseries since Kenny Rogers Roasters used them, along with Cluckers wood roasted chicken and other major chain restaurants. Our rotisseries are among the best in the industry hands down, delivering the highest product yields, fastest cook times, IOC operation with minimal energy usage while producing product like no other cooking method. Our unique CRC cooking process will produce consistent product time and time again.

There are five models available based on capacity, ranging from 12 chickens to a staggering 72 chickens per cook cycle. All Remco rotisseries are shipped fully assembled and wheel right through a standard 36” doorway and only need to be vented to the outdoors*. Remco Renaissance Rotisseries are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty** There are a handful of rotisserie manufactures out there here’s why Remco is the best choice:

  • Extremely low BTU energy consumption, starting at 20k BTU’s per hour.
  • Blazing fast cook times, 45-55 minute cook time at capacity for chickens. Other products also cook in record time!
  • No hood necessary, the Renaissance Rotisserie ovens employ a built-in ventilation system and must simply be vented*.
  • Door-less design, open display cooking always looks more appetizing and appealing.
  • Water-less operation, this means no water supply or drain needed, the drip pans are easily removable for cleaning in a commercial dishwasher.
  • Easy to install, roll in any 36″ door, connect the gas, vent to the outside and plug in the electric…you’re ready to cook.
  • High product yield, use 3.5lb chickens instead of 4.5lb birds and serve the same weight product!
  • Patented cooking process and 1-piece extruded aluminum spit/skewer offer easy handling, cool down and cleaning.
  • Wide range of capacities available for production of 12 to 72 chickens per cooking cycle.
  • Coal fired models available for Peruvian style chicken, Peruvian style is becoming very popular!

Other accessories are available for cooking: Ribs, Loins, Turkeys, Vegetables and the list goes on.  Please have a look at the pictures on the GALLERY tab.

The Minitisserie is our smallest Rotisserie, possibly the smallest commercial rotisseries available! With a 12 chicken capacity and a 55 minute cook time the mini is ideal for establishments looking to add rotisserie items on a budget.

Our most popular size Rotisserie the DP-36 is a perfect fit for many applications. With a 36 chicken capacity it meets many restaurants needs. The DP-36 also has ability to cook 6 turkeys at once. The DP-36 is quite a versatile oven.

The one that started it all…our WB-48 was the first model we brought to market over 18 years ago and a few are still in operation today. Like our other models of rotisseries the WB-48 is built of 12ga. A36 steel welded inside and out, our rotisseries are built to last.

With an interior length of 5′ our DS-60 is the widest standard model we manufacture. Utilizing our patented extruded aluminum spit the 5′ spit weighs in at a mere 4lbs. This is really beneficial when you account for the 25lbs. of product that it will accommodate, you’l appreciate the lightness!

The BIG BOY, would you like 72 chickens cooked to a crispy golden brown in 55 minutes? The BZ-72DD is for you, the largest model we sell…this rotisserie has two independent cooking cavities that make up the 7’+ oven. This allows you to cook chickens on one side while roasting vegetables, meats or anything you can spit or place in our utility basket or cooking stone.

Download some further info on the Remco Renaissance Rotisseries. Architects, download the latest ACAD blocks for your projects.

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(*burning solid fuels requires type-1 hood)**See warranty documents for details