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RedFire Flame Roasting Rotisserie

The RedFire FRR

The RedFire Flame Roasting Rotisserie. A true one of a kind, certified of it’s uniqueness by the U.S. and worldwide Patent offices. The RedFire FRR utilizes technology that Remco became famous for over 15 years ago. This high intensity, highly efficient oven will emulate fryer style cooking, WITHOUT OIL!

The RedFire FRR is amazing, roasting up to 100 chicken wings per cook cycle in four stainless steel baskets, additionally, the RedFire is an IOC unit, your only using energy when the oven is cooking. Virtually instant heat-up time and only 3,000 BTU’s per cook cycle!*

Well how big is it you ask, a mere 32” wide by 23” deep and 40” high. Not to bad huh? A small space for a big taste, the RedFire cooks more than just chicken wings, roast: chicken strips, ribs, seafoods, cubes of meat and veggies for kabobs, sausage, hot dogs and the list goes on! Check out these benefits:

  • Extremely low BTU consumption, using only 3k per cook cycle. Instant-on-operation (IOC) mean your never wasting utilities.
  • No dirty oil to mess with and discard, easy pull out drip pan fits in commercial dishwashers
  • The RedFire employs a primary ventilation system, however must be installed under an appropriate hood
  • The versatility to cook a plethora of different products all at once!

As a bonus its Heart Healthy! Using no cooking oils at all, only the products natural juices make it a great healthy alternative to fatty oil based cooking.  Please have a look at the pictures on the GALLERY tab.

Download some further info on the RedFire FRR. A comparison with conventional deep fat fryers is also available, see how the RedFire stacks up against the competition! Architects, download the latest ACAD blocks for your projects.

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*utility consumption based on six 10 minute cook cycles per hour.