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Who We Are…

RemcoSPC has a long standing reputation of distributing some of the finest, most versatile and efficient food service equipment available.  As the exclusive distributor of Remco Industries Int’l Inc’s revolutionary cooking equipment, we have over the years planted our roots deep into the belief that great innovations in this industry could only develop from many years behind the line…we have over 100 years of total experience.  This lets us provide our end users with products that are purpose built, dependable and unbelievably FAST!


The Patented Method

Yes, we have a special way of cooking foods, we call it the CRC process. Remco has spent many years perfecting this method.


Energy Efficient Tech

All Remco products are badged with the EET symbol. We feel that utilities are in an upward spiral and we want to do our part by consuming small amounts with big results.



Heat up times?…what heat up times? Models equipped with this technology are ready to cook with the flip of a switch or push of a button!


Low Carbon emissions

Do you know your “Carbon Footprint” we’ve all have one. Remco products boast a minimal CO emission, now you can feel good about your footprint…it just got smaller.


As you browse through our site you’ll notice the symbols above. These symbols represent the dedication Remco has towards preserving the environment and endorsing sustainability through the use of Remco’s Patented cooking processes. We’re not saying we aren’t using natural resources to energize our equipment, we’re just saying our equipment does it in a very GREEN way. Journey with us through the most revolutionary cooking appliances in one of the most important markets on planet earth…

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