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Basket Buddy


The Basket Buddy fry basket liner

The Basket Buddy is a surgical grade stainless steel mesh liner that fits snugly inside your fryer basket and can extend your oil life!


The first patented filter liner for your deep fat fryer baskets, now you can keep your oil clean while you are cooking.

  • Burnt oil makes your products dark and bitter tasting
  • With clean oil your fries will taste fresh with perfect color,
  • better tasting products mean more repeat customers!
  • We all know its 10x harder to find new customers
  • than it is to keep existing customers satisfied!
  • Most methods of filtering oil are dangerous and dirty
  • Disposing of used oil is also a hassle and costly $$$
  • Clean your oil as you cook and save BIG!

Download some further info on the Basket Buddy, there is a size matrix where you can find the proper liner for your fryer basket. There is also a form for custom sizes, these required a minimum order and extend delivery times.

Informational Sheets