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The DAYTONA Series Carousel Brick Ovens


The DAYTONA Series Ovens

The Remco Daytona series are the ONLY patented, fully energized infrared carousel brick oven.
With a W I D E panoramic display for un-matched ambiance, a stone baking surface that would rival and traditional brick oven & fused with the simplistic operation akin to a conveyor oven breeds the Daytona V6 & V8.

The Daytona is extremely efficient, It’s patented cooking method & design are unmatched in the industry today. Advantages over other equipment include:

  • Extremely low BTU consumption, using only 45k on start-up and an average of 35k throughout the day.
  • Blazing fast cook times, 70-90 second pizza and most products cook 3 to 4 times faster than conventional methods.
  • No hood necessary, the DAYTONA series ovens employ a built-in ventilation system and must simply be vented.
  • The versatility to cook a plethora of different products all at once! bake pizzas while searing a steak to perfection.

The most production per sq. ft. of any brick oven in the industry  with installation versatility achieved from its free standing design, visual effect and space conservation.  Please have a look at the pictures on the GALLERY tab.


RemcoSPC Daytona V6 Copper RemcoSPC Daytona V6 Orange RemcoSPC Daytona V6 Red

Download some further info on the Daytona Ovens. Architects, download the latest ACAD blocks for your projects.

Spec Sheets




*Products other than dough must be cooked in an
appropriate vessel. **Please consult your local codes.